Clearwell War Memorial (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Saturday, November 02, 2019, 01:25 (256 days ago) @ Worgan family

The grave you found has the following details;


Service Number 5727679

Died Between 17/05/1940 and 09/06/1940

Aged 21

7th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment

The CWGC website lists about 19 different "Kenneth Roberts", all WW2 British forces and all of a similar birthdate, a few dying in the battle of France.

As an outsider looking into this thread for the first time in a while, I'm curious why you selected this particular man ?
Is it because his second name William matches that of your Grandfather ?
That said some records give the casualty's next of kin, proving they're not your man, but others do not, so ... ?.


PS Searching his name in FreeBMD gives a number of "Kenneth W Roberts" born abt 1919, or later in case he lied abt his age when joining-up. They are from across the UK including Sussex, but the best match wrt age was born in Monmouth District, so could possibly be your Clearwell man, that's IF the W for this record means William, it might not be.

Surname Given Name Mother District Volume Page Transcriber
Births Mar 1919
Roberts Kenneth W. Roberts Monmouth 11a 52 ANNEDET

I cannot find any corresponding birth records for him in this site's PRs, or GlosBMD.
I've tried to find his full record in the GRO website, but once again and for reasons I still cannot fathom, I've had no luck with that site.

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