Clearwell War Memorial (General)

by Worgan family @, Milkwall Coleford Glos, Thursday, November 07, 2019, 08:24 (146 days ago) @ Worgan family

Good morning all, I have been reading through the previous comments so to clarify - Kenneth W Roberts was Mabel Roberts son . He was brought up by his grandparents William Talamge Worganand Agnes Roberts . They married eventually after having Mabel and William ( my grandfather) and went on to have Miriam . They lived at no 3 Temperance cottages . Mabel was in service and I’m told went on to have more children also ( adopted) . Kenneth was therefore born Roberts but brought up as Worgan . My grandfather and him brought up like brothers . My grandfather later moved next door to no 4 Temperance cottages . Kenneth was MIA and my grandfather tried for many years to find out where but to no avail . I really don’t know which regiment Kenneth joined it is only the fact of his middle name that made me think it could be him ?? Thankyou for all your interest

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