John Johns, Clifton Cottage, Hewelsfield. (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Monday, November 11, 2019, 00:34 (587 days ago) @ Griff

Hi Griff,
you probably already have the family on the 1939 Register, taken 29 September, c/o this weekend's free access. But if not;

1939 Register; Clifton Cottage, Hewelsfield, Lydney District, Glos.
Thomas W Jones Male born 30/07/1880 Married Gardener
Annie M Jones Female born 06/05/1886 Married Unpaid Domestic Duties
John Jones Male born 12/07/1915 Single County Council labourer
Connie Jones Female born 27/06/1929 Single At School

The last entry has been amended to Constance Maureen Griffiths, plus her marriage date, possibly 1955.


With such a "common" name set, and no middle names, searching for later records is a real problem, as I'm sure you've found.
That said, it's possible he may have "adopted" a middle name, perhaps his father's, I've seen a few instances of this happening.

I've searched his death on FreeBMD and Ancestry, in Forest of Dean District as per your belief, without any obvious hit. A few near misses but nothing that seems correct.

It's possible his death took place in hospital, presumably Gloucester ?.
However there's still no obvious hits (based on his age & birth year) that I can see.

However sometimes errors happen, especially if he had no next-of-kin? to give precise birth info, perhaps ??.

Searching Ancestry for him in the Electoral Registers database which covers upto 1974, it gives him at Clifton Cottage for 1936, 1937 and 1938. However NOT after that, why !! ???.
Amongst the following umpteen pages of John Jones in Glostershire, there are just a few with no middle names, but not in the Forest area that I can see, some are married. These records give no clues as to age, sadly.

Searching Ancestry for Wills is equally unhelpful, as SO many of this name and none in our area.

Please Griff, are you sure you don't have any idea at all when he died ??.

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