Henry John Boulton 1901 Lydbrook House (General)

by rsligi @, Friday, November 22, 2019, 12:36 (305 days ago) @ roots93

You are all referring to the Lydbrook House that is opposite The Tump in Lower Lydbrook. It is now The Garden Cafe and does evening tapas at times. If you look on the Web for images of The Viaduct Lower Lydbrook it is the large single house to the RHS with your back to the river. Known to older locals as The Doctors House but you would be hard pressed to find someone old enough to call it that now! It is a large red bricked house, The Viaduct went right over it. This IS where the Doctor lived. The was a time when The White House in central Lydbrook was called Lydbrook House but definitely no doctor lived there and was only for a very short period that one resident lived there. At one time the road down thro Lydbrook ran behind Lydbrook house and it is now a short dead end
The doctor planted the weeping willow tree between the boundary wall and the road and opposite the entry to The Tump beside the River Wye.. Hope this helps It may be possible to contact the owner (Paul) who is a very sociable gentleman via The Garden Cafe web site.

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