Marriage records for Cinderford Baptist Chapel (General)

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 10:01 (300 days ago) @ Jefff

I did some digging for information and came across this page (which is very difficult to read due to the way it's formatted but gives a very detailed history of the Chapel).

On the above page it says the chapel was licensed for the "solemnisation of marriages" in 1847 with the first couple to be married being a C Jones and an S Jones. Looking through the Glos BMD I found a Charles Jones marrying a Sarah Jones with the record showing it as taking place at the register office. So supporting what Colin suggested.

However, the page also says "In the month of February, 1906, it was decided to adopt the "Marriage Act of 1898." It was felt that while this Act did not give to Nonconformists all that was needed, it did give to them the opportunity to keep their own "Marriage Register," and appointing their own "authorised person" to attend all weddings, in place of the district Registrar."

Searching Glos BMDs for marriages after 1906 shows all subsequent marriages are shown as taking place at the Baptist Chapel. So, the way I read this is that a register was kept from 1906 onwards and that register should exist somewhere.


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