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by Dannemois @, Wednesday, January 08, 2020, 16:48 (259 days ago) @ saralarasdog

Hello Sarah; I'm not sure if you are still active on this site but I reply in case. I have an interest in Daniel Smedley and wife Mary Anne who came to South Wales around 1850s.

1851@ Aberdare, Glamorgan
Daniel Smedley Head 39 Coal pit sinker Ashover, Derbyshire
Mary Anne Wife 39 Swan Green, Glam
Mary Anne Daug 18 Coleford, Gloucestershire
Daniel Son 16 Engine worker Coleford, Gloucestershire
Louisa Daug 13 scholar at home Coleford, Gloucestershire
Thomas Son 10 scholar at home Coleford, Gloucestershire

by 1856 he had relocated family to a small hamlet named Sebastopol in the Rhymney Valley and was landlord at the Sebastopol Arms (PH). He died 1861 with the license passing on to wife Mary Anne who was Innkeeper for the next decade. More information but will keep it short this time round.

Regards, Roy

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