Nurse Hannah Head (Taylor) - Funeral report. (General)

by Jan Baker, Monday, February 03, 2020, 17:07 (235 days ago) @ probinson

Hi All
I am so sorry I have not replied to the extensive posts I have been away for a few days, to be honest I didn't realise how much interest I would generate, im truly grateful for all the posts, still working my way through them.

I thought you may all be interested in the following:-

Alfred Head first marriage was to Alice Stevens and they lived in Camberwell, Alice and their son Alfred died when the Princess Alice pleasure boat sank in 1878. Alfred was a Baker in the old kent road and was so distraught that he slept on the floor of the bakery until he became ill, hence a stay in hospital nursed by Hannah Taylor, they married and Alice Head daughter was born. The doctors said that Alfred needed clean air for his lungs so the family moved to coleford where Hannahs parents lived and where she was born.

Elizabeth Taylor, Hannahs sister emigrated to South Africa where she met and married George Duncan in Port Elizabeth in 1884. I have found the family tree of the Duncans on Ancestry and have been in contact with a distant cousin. He has confirmed that Hannah was related, what we still cant find or work out is why Elizabeth emigrated, she seems to come back to coleford to give birth to her children and then goes back to SA, she died in Barbeton SA in 1884. George Duncan emigrated from Scotland in 1882 and was a very successful business man during the gold rush, opening general stores and investing in a gold mine.

I have found an entry on the 1881 census for Hannah Marie Taylor as a matron at the millbank prison, although I was unsure at first it was her because of the different birth year given as 1848, previous posts suggest she falsified her dob so could this be her, having printed out the census I find an Alfred Head listed as a soldier from Albury Surrey also on this census, coincidence !! I know that the prison was used as a medical facility,his age doesn't fit either.

would appreciate your thoughts.

kindest regards

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