Nurse Hannah Head (Taylor) - Funeral report. (General)

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In the 1881 Prison Hospital record Hannah Maria gives her age as 33 (1848). She gives her birthplace as Gloucestershire, Becxford(?). On the same page is a Caroline TAYLOR, aged 34, who gives the same birthplace.

Glos BMD

TAYLOR, Hannah Maria, Mother’s former Name WEAVER, 1847, Cheltenham, Winchcombe, Cleeve
TAYLOR, Caroline, Mother’s former Name WEAVER, 1843, Cheltenham, Winchcombe, Cleeve

GR 1851 Census, Gloucestershire, Beckford (now in Worcestershire, I think)

Thomas TAYLOR, Head, Mar, 54, Carrier, Gloucester, Bishops Cleeve
Ann Wife, Mar, 48, Gloucester, Forthampton
William, Son, Un, 25, Joiner, Gloucester, Beckford
John, Son, Un, 22, Ag Lab, Gloucester, Beckford
Charles, Son, Un, 18, Ag Lab, , Gloucester, Beckford
Mary, Daur, Un, 17, Gloucester, Beckford
Jane, Daur, Un, 16, Gloucester, Beckford
Julia, Daur, Un, 13, Gloucester, Beckford
Emma, Daur, Un, 11, Gloucester, Beckford
Sophia, Daur, Un, 9, Gloucester, Beckford
Caroline, Daur, 7, Gloucester, Beckford
Hannah, Daur, 4, Gloucester, Beckford

Thomas, Grandson, 3, London

GR 1861 Census, Malthouse, Ashton under Hill, Worcs,
Thomas TAYLOR Head, Mar, 65, Butcher, Gloucester, Bishops Cleeve
Ann, Wife, Mar, 58, Gloucester, Forthampton
John, Son, Un, 32, Butcher, Gloucester, Beckford
Charles R, Son, Un, 29, Ag Lab, Gloucester, Beckford
Hannah M, Daur, Un, 14, Gloucester, Beckford

This suggests that the Hannah Maria in the Hospital may not be the daughter of Henry Taylor.

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