Alice HEAD and John HUNT, Chepstow (General)

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Monday, February 10, 2020, 19:58 (227 days ago) @ Jefff

It looks like John and Edwin were in the Cotswolds area in earlier times:-

GR 1891 Census, Hill Barn, Yanworth, Northleach, Glos
Edwin HUNT, Head Mar, 49, Ag. Lab., Oxon. Swincombe(?) Swyncombe?
Sophia, Wife, Mar, 42, Glos, Aldsworth
William, Son, S, 19, Ag. Lab., Glos, Aldsworth
James, Son, S, 16, Ag. Lab., Glos, Poulton
Rose Hannah, Daur, 13, Glos. Aldsworth
John, Son, 9, Glos, Filkins (actually Oxon)
Margaret, Daur, 1, Glos, Aldsworth

GR 1901 Census, Yanworth, Glos.
Edwin HUNT, Head, Mar, 59, Ordinary Ag. Lab., Oxon. Swincombe(?)Swyncombe?
Sophia, Wife, Mar, 57, Glos, Aldsworth
John, Son, 19, Carpenters Labourer, Oxon. Filkins
Margaret, Daur, 11, Glos, Aldsworth

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