Stephen William Arthur Presley born 1921 Monmouthshire (General)

by rgeorge73, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 12:04 (219 days ago) @ belinda68

hi belinda ,
stepnen father james is my mothers uncle, she is still alive and is 102 years of age .
her father was edmund arthur presley born 1882 ,james was born in 1889 in tidenham .
father was arthur presley born 1850 in kingston deverill wilts .
mother was sarah legge born in plaistow essex .
sarah had 13 children with arthur and 1 out of wedlock being richard who was the eldest .
arthur died in 1906 , and sarah died in 1920 .
i hope this have been useful in your search ,please note that the name arthur
have been use in lots of middle names in the family .
richard arthur george .

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