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Gotta be brief for now as a tad late in the day, but given your ancestors were in Cinderford, I think there's a choice of two secondary schools they attended in the town, either Double View Secondary or East Dean Grammar School. If you search these school names in the forum you'll see old threads and posts about them which will hopefully be of interest. Regarding the Attendance Registers of Double View, then see this post, it refers to the Gloucester Archives website which has recently been updated, as have the Archives themselves, so I've just updated the links. I've never visited the Archives myself, sadly, and I must admit I struggle with their search engine at times, but I'm sure they will be able to help you with your queries. It does seems you may be in luck as the Archives do carry Registers for the era you're searching for.


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It seems East Dean Grammar School aka EDGS didn't have that name until after your ancestor's schooldays. The excellent British History website gives the following for Cinderford's secondary schools

"Double View school, Cinderford, was opened by the school board in 1896 to take older children from local elementary schools. It had new buildings in Woodville Road and in 1904 an average attendance of 413. The curriculum had been broadened to include industrial and technical subjects by the First World War. The school, which had an average attendance of 287 in 1938, became a secondary modern school under the 1944 Act. Between 1968 and 1978 it moved in stages to new buildings in Causeway Road and in 1980 it had 748 pupils on its roll. In 1985 it became a comprehensive school, called the Heywood school after the neighbouring plantation, for children up to 16 years. There were 1,064 pupils on the roll in 1992.

East Dean Grammar school originated as Cinderford Higher Elementary school, which the county council opened in 1910 as a secondary school and centre for training elementary school teachers. Occupying new buildings south of Station Street, the school took children from 12 years and its curriculum included industrial and commercial subjects appropriate for local employment. It charged a tuition fee of £1 a pupil a year and awarded some free places to children selected from elementary schools in and around the Forest. Known as Cinderford Secondary school from 1919 and East Dean Grammar school from 1927, it had 367 pupils in 1932 and remained a grammar school following the 1944 Act. Among buildings added to the Station Street site were those of a mining school, which ran secondary technical classes in many places in the Forest area and in 1945 established the Forest of Dean Secondary Technical school on the Station Street site. The technical school admitted many boys from Ross-on-Wye (Herefs.). In 1959 it merged with the grammar school, which had more than 500 pupils in 1968 when it was replaced by a new school at Five Acres."


PS Geoff Sandles' excellent Glos Pubs website has just been revised, there is an entry for the (Jovial) Colliers Arms which can be found in Section 3 off this link.

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