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by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 18:21 (210 days ago) @ valley50

Hi Valley and welcome to the forum and website.

As MPG has posted it's well-worth your searching this forum for old posts as questions like yours have been raised in the past, especially these last few years. There have been several on the general subject of WW1 soldiers including from the Cinderford area. Enter phrases like "Cinderford WW1" in the search box at top right of this page and the hits will come. It's quite possible I've been involved as military history is an interest of mine and Cinderford is my home town.

Some of these prior posts will include links to the Double View School Memorial, see

Among the many useful sets of reference material available within this site is the "WW1 Servicemen" database , which I suspect Admin used to compile the list given earlier today.
See the blue menu banner at the top of the website homepages, then find the drop-down menu from the "Resources" heading.

The names on the Memorial statue in Cinderford Triangle are listed here.

An excellent source of reference for men from the Cinderford area who died in WW1 is the Laura Morse Scrapbook, available on a cd-rom from the FoD Local History Society, see

I'm sure you will already know the CWGC website is excellent for researching those who gave their lives in wartime service, and also for useful reference information when visiting the Cemeteries themselves. For example this is the Thiepval Memorial on the Somme which I'm sure is on your list of places to visit. However please note it is undergoing restoration work this year starting in April, I hope that won't affect your visit too much.

All the best with your researches and your visit to France,

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