abenhall baptisms (General)

by BelindaHill @, Monday, March 23, 2020, 06:04 (186 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Thank you so much for the extra info you have found for me. I have traced Jane Bright his wife to parents and siblings. Elizabeth who married Thomas Hail, blacksmith, was her sister (I have not yet traced their children so thank you). They were born to James and Jane Bright who married in Longhope, had one kid there (Elizabeth) before moving to Weston under Penyard for quite a few years. Perhaps for work? James was a yeoman. I suspect they moved back to Longhope as there are no further Brights (marriages or burials) in this area, but there are certainly possibles in Longhope.

My main interest is Benjamin. I wonder how accurate the marriage allegation transcriptions are as he is also listed as a cordwainer, but later in life a labourer. Either way, how did he get so much land/money? Inherited perhaps, but I can't find a mention of a Benjamin on possible wills on ancestry. I thought if I could break my brickwall and find a possible baptism I may have been able to find where he was from and how he got the land when to my mind he was working class?? His son John Moore was my ancestor. John's son George Moore (1837-1902) were innkeepers in the New Inn (today the "Heart of Oak") in Drybrook.

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