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by BelindaHill @, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 05:31 (184 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Thank you so much for all the information. I suspected that maybe his money may have come from the Bright family. So far as I can gather Jane Bright's father James Bright (who may have been the one that died in Longhope like you pointed out)was born about 1738. I can't find a definite baptism for him, and his burial record doesn't record an age. His marriage transcription aged him as 22 years, but I wonder how good the handwriting was being transcribed and could it have been a 32 years??? If that was so then the baptism of a James Bright in 1727 to Thomas and Joan Bright may be right. However without seeing the original it could also be correct as 22 years. I would love to prove the link between my James and the Longhope Brights as I am sure they are related and they do all seem to have a bit of money (certainly to afford tombstones in those times also).

At any rate, it makes sense that Benjamin Moore's money came from his wife Jane Bright's family. It certainly is good that he made good use for it for his family. Thank you so much for translating words from the Benjamin's will for me - ie Cider Mill House and Press and Bake House. I struggled with the word "Cider" and couldn't figure out what sort of mill it was. I love the idea that they obviously must have had an apple orchard then and made their own booze haha. There must have been a lot of apple pies etc cooked by Jane, and I can see the kids getting into the orchard eating apples.
Thank you again for all your research, it has been a huge help.


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