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by Johndap @, Sunday, April 05, 2020, 18:03 (176 days ago)

I am looking for information on Derek L Cowmeadow,
From a long line of Drybrook Cowmeadows he was born in 1928 in Chester to Raymond Cecil and Elsie (Sterry). Raymond Cecil (1896-?) was an architect and preacher at Drybrook Methodist Church. He moved to Chester in 1927 and stayed there 19 years. The Cheshire Observer in 1946 reports that he is taking over the old family practice (of Architects) in Lydney.
Derek L Cowmeadow married Evelyn Lewis in 1953 in the FoD. (not in parish records). Nonconformist?
They had Norman A. in 1956, Brenda M. in 1959 and Gerald J. in 1960 in the FoD. Again not in Parish records.
In 1954 the family, both Raymond and Derek etc. are in The Lawn, Church Lane Churcham, presumably where these children were born, and by 1960 they are all in Down Court Slad near Stroud.
Derek serves two years, 1970 to 1972 as Assistant Curate in Ledbury
In 1995 Derek is in Cirencester where he died in 2015.

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