Travellers Rest, Stowe 1871 (General)

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Just for info.

The Pritchard's are No. 147 on the Schedule - which obviously isn't the house number.

The Enumerator's Notes, on the first page, state

'All the part of the Parish of Newland which is in the Tything of Coleford, comprised in Boxbush Road, Bowen's Hill Rd., Victoria Road, Staunton Road, Scowles, Scowles road, Highmeadow, Millend Lane, Whitecliff and Rock Lane.

Page 15 - states, end of the Town of Coleford

just 5 houses abode listed as Travellers Rest.


Quick check on the Advance Search for baptisms, - residence: Travellers Rest

2 March 1832

Jeremiah (Innkeeper) and Sarah TRIGG - had a daughter, Sarah Anne, christened at Coleford, residence: Travellers Inn Rest, Whitecliff


On the 1871 Census, No. on Schedule, 143,

Travellers Rest, - Henry BURTON, head mar, 33 - Innkeeper & Labourer

so the Pritchard's where near the Travellers Rest Pub....

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