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by ian0808, Monday, May 25, 2020, 19:31 (390 days ago) @ probinson

Many thanks all annie is my partners grandmother didcot was 1939 indeed all those blocked out are annies children as most was still alive untill 2 years ago my partners dad told us rose &fred went to greenwich due to him being a blacksmith they both died in greenwich 1944/45
annie wedding cert states frederick draper as her father and she lists her self as a draper
even though she was baptism was annie thorne, alonng with aniies brother also a thorne at birth
when he was killed in ww2 and also he was in didcot 1939 as a draper, also 1930 elect rolls show rose thorn then 1936 she appears as a draper we can only assume that rose changed her name by deed poll to draper as she proberly wanted rid off the name thorne , We found a newspaper article on line where rose thorne was badley beaten up by her husband william coles thorne in 1896 at the court case she had left hi to go back to her parents with the two boys
and hats where rose and the boys stayed in 1901 and 1911 census in 1912/13 we assume she met frederick draper and had there children out off wedlock, i expect rose couldnt get a divorce as
william coles thorne as disapeared right up to 1936 rose lived at soilwell fARM With frederick


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