Forest House, Viney Hill (General)

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Lloyd George Survey of Land Values Gloucestershire


probably this link won't work...

So far, can only see 3 for

Halford, Nehemiah

West Dean : house & garden, Viney Hill (each has a reference: this one is GA/D2428/1/80/1 Hereditament Number 1623 ***

West Dean : land, Viney Hill

West Dean : land, Viney Hill

** if you click on each one - this information comes up

Place: West Dean

Income tax parish: West Dean

Occupied by: HALFORD: Nehemiah (M)

People holding property: HALFORD, Nehemiah, Viney Hill (owner)


House & Garden

address: Viney Hill

map reference: 39.15 F (there are ordandance maps on the above website) click on the square 39 and Viney Hill top right corner

Number: 1584

Size: 1 rood 30 perches

Gross Value: £5

Rateable Value: £3 15s


Will check the map (click on the map to enlarge) - can clearly see Hayes FARM on map 39 square 15 - and Hayes Wood, - Tom Haynes is just a few houses back on the 1911 census.

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