Ann Gwilliam of Little Dean Forest of Dean (General)

by MIKELEWIS237, Sunday, June 14, 2020, 12:39 (370 days ago)

Ann Gwilliam the daughter of John and Martha Gwilliam was possibly age just 16 when she married my third Great Grandfather James Smith (Corker) on 29th February 1808 at St. Ethelbert Church Little Dean.
Would be helpful if any one could please help me in confirming the following.
Could Ann have been just 16 when she married and secondly could James have been a Corker/Corkcutter? by profession.
My thoughts are that Ann could have been 16 when she married with the consent of her parents or gardian and James could have been a (Corker/Corkcutter).
James and Ann had 3 children James Smith (a Brush Maker) in Gloucester who was born in 1808,Ann born 1817(a Shoe binder) and William born 1820 (Tailor) all three children were baptised at St.John the Baptist Gloucester.

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