George Mason 1802- missing from 1841 census (General)

by Lolly @, South Wales, Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 14:40 (367 days ago)

I'm a newbie- stumbled across this site when I googled an ancestor and it brought me to this site on another thread. It's fantastic !
Looking for a little help if possible please....

I'm looking for George MASON, b 1802, East Dean. Married Lydia Jones b 1803, Ruardean.
They had 4 children that I can find.. Thomas 1829, Lydia and Charlotte (twins) 1830 and Rebecca 1834.
I cannot find any of them on the 1841 census and was wondering if anyone could give me any clues as to where I may be going wrong.
I have found George, Lydia and the children other than Charlotte on the 1851 etc.
Thanks in advance

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