George Mason 1802- missing from 1841 census (General)

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Unfortunately I cant help you with your 1841 Census request. They just aren't recorded on the two Census districts for Ruardean in 1841 although the Census Enumerators handwriting is very "flowery" and hard to follow.
Looking at an Ordnance Survey Map of the district published in 1883 it is full of quarries and collieries both used and disused so i guess there would have been plenty of places for your "quarryman" to work.
Looking at daughter Rebecca's baptism record , the family were living at Ruardean Woodside in 1833
and in 1851 Census the family were living at Ruardean Hill so based on this information they would have probably have been somewhere in this area as both places are close together.

Do you have much information on the family before George and also the children's marriages etc ?
e.g. I believe daughter Lydia married a Joseph Whittington in 1854. Rebecca Mason was a witness.
Rebecca looks like she married a quarryman George Mason in 1860.

There are other older posts on the Forum which may help you . Without knowing more about your ancestors, it is hard for me to know but if you type "Whittington" in to the search box you should see quite a few previous posts. Some of these may be your ancestors.
e.g. One of the posts i saw had the Whittingtons working at Strip-and-at-it Colliery as well as Trafalgar Colliery.
You might get similar previous posts by searching for "George Mason" etc.

Of course you might have already done this.
While poking around records looking for your oldies, i was surprised at the number of people with the family name of "Mason" who were either Masons or Quarrymen by trade, although I think that might have been the original idea of surnames to describe a persons occupation.

Good luck

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