George Robinson b:1826 Taynton (General)

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Friday, June 19, 2020, 21:48 (365 days ago) @ richards

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the response. I have read your emails.

I don't believe William's wife was Ann Ravenhill. There are several trees on Ancestry that have that fact but none give absolute proof. William Robinson/Robertson is a common name and I think it is another that married Ann Ravenhill.

In the 1861 census, William is recorded as being the son-in-law of Thomas Barnes (or Harmes) so that suggests his wife is Ann Barnes not Ann Ravenhill - unless, of course, she married twice.

Having said that, there's a lot of conflicting evidence and facts that don't tie up and I'm not absolutely sure William is a sibling of George. So William could be a red herring.

There are baptism records for George and Selina at Taynton and George's wife being a witness at Selina's wedding I think confirms these are true siblings. William, Henry and others, I don't think, are confirmed siblings and they could be from a totally different family - and that's where the confusion is happening.

Thanks for your interest. Maybe we are related in some way.


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