Welsh Migration? (General)

by juliewilliams @, Astoria, Oregon, Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 23:56 (208 days ago)

My ancestor Edwin Silas Williams (1834-1888) lived in Newent for much of his life, married to Sarah Pickthorne (1834-1922). They immigrated to USA in 1868 with their children and Sarah's mother.

The England and Wales 1861 census lists Edwin's birth as 1834 "Wellington, Glamorganshire." Another document listed place of birth as "Willington." Of course his obituary in Minnesota lists his place of birth as "Leicestershire, England" which doesn't help.

Following up on the Glamorganshire bit. I understand this is in Wales. Were there many folks in the FOD from Wales? Was it a common migration pattern? Did folks move back and forth following work? How does one do genealogy work for Wales when it seems that half of the population had the last name of Williams? His parents names were John and Ann Williams.

Thank you for any information you may have about Welsh migration into FOD.

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