Welsh Migration? (General)

by MPGriffiths @, Thursday, June 25, 2020, 10:22 (207 days ago) @ juliewilliams

On the 1861 Census, Edwin and Sarah - have a Mary Bayliss, Widow, aged 66, from Glos. Churcham living with them.
Witnesses at their wedding were: Samuel BAYLIS and Mary BAYLIS - who appear to witness a number of Pickthorne marriage

1861 Census, Edwin, says he is an Engine Driver to a Trashing Machine and born (ditto, from County above i.e. Gloucestershire, Wellington)

Family names are used all the times - from both sides of the family

Edwin (Silas Edwin) and Sarah use the names:

Charlotte Elizabeth, Harriet Sophia, Mary Louisa, Albert Silas etc.


If you use the Advance Search for witnesses:

It would seem, Silas Edwin Williams - couldn't write - as he signed with a mark (x) Sarah appears to write her name.

At Newent - 16 September 1860, when Charles SYMONDS, married Catherine WEAVER

Accents would be very different between Counties and Countries and are often misinterpreted and spelling would differ.

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