Welsh Migration? (General)

by sidtoomey01 @, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Friday, June 26, 2020, 06:49 (358 days ago) @ juliewilliams

Hi Julie

I may be going off on a tangent here but do you have any other information which suggests your Edwin Silas Williams was born in Wales other than the 1861 Census reference?

Am I correct that it is this Edwin Silas that you are trying to trace ?

Re the 1861 Census, were you looking at a transcript or an image of the Enumerators book page ?

Reason for grilling you is that i looked at the 1861 Census and i believe his place of birth was given as "W?llington, Gloucestershire."
The ? looks like an "e" but i can't find a Wellington in Gloucestershire although i am in Australia.
If ? was an "i" then there is a Willington Court Farm in Sandhurst Gloucestershire. I believe this might be about twelve miles from Newent.
The address for the Williams family in the 1861 Census record i looked at gave "Boulsdon Lane".

Also, if you have an image of the families disembarkation records into the USA , some of them will list the subjects place of birth.
I think they would have been specific about "English" or "Welsh" etc.

Some of my ancestors migrated from Wales to the USA late 19th Century and no way would they have confused the two entries, although i do not know the timeframe for when passenger lists started being more specific other than just a name .

Good luck

Sid Toomey

PS. What are the names of EdwinSilas' siblings and dates of birth if you have them ?

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