Welsh Migration? (General)

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The following looks promising to me.

1851 Census Parish of Newland has a family living at Millhill.
John and Ann Williams the parents
Among the children are these two :-
Edwin 20 years
John 20 years
The next household recorded as living at Millend.

Then from the Newland Parish Register of Baptisms for the year 1831
on 18th November twins were Baptised.
Edwin and John.
Parents match.
Living at Millend

There are two separate Baptism Registers showing Edwin and John. Identical details but recorded on a different part of a page . Maybe one of them is Bishops Transcripts?

British History on line for Newland.
The following passage mentions "Welinton"

Newland parish was created in the early Middle Ages by assarting from the Forest of Dean woodland and waste, and its formation was well under way by the start of the 13th century, when its church was built. It was called Welinton in 1220 (fn. 2) and was described as the 'new land of Welinton' in 1232 and 1247, (fn. 3) but later it was called simply Newland (Nova Terra). In 1305 the appropriator of the church, the bishop of Llandaff, was granted the tithes from all recent and future assarts from the Forest waste (fn. 4) and, though the fullest interpretation of the grant was prevented by the claims of other churches of the Forest area, (fn. 5) widely scattered parcels of land thus became part of Newland parish. Besides its main block, formed of the tithings of Coleford, Newland, and Clearwell, the parish had 22 detached parts, (fn. 6) and in 1881 its total area was 8,797 a. (3,560 ha.). (fn. 7)

There appear to be many other Williams records for Newland preceding the above.


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