Welsh Migration? (General)

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Family Search, has a copy of Edward S WILLIAMS Death Record, 16 April 1888 St Peter, MN ..... Contributed by NadineBrown2 - which states he was born in England, and lists his parents as John and Anna WILLIAMS of England. Gloucestershire/Wiltshire accents most times do not sound the H' at the beginning of a word. Hence Anna - which is also an abbreviation for Hannah.

The Trees on Ancestry, give Edwin's death as - 16/4/1888 - St Peter Nicollet Minnesota USA.

(My x Grandad, some Census return's he's Edwin, then Edward, and Edwardo - when he remarries in Chile)

Still question whether the family on the 1841 Census, as Dowdeswell, (Whittington) and links to Withington whether this is a possible family.


John - 40
Hannah - 40
Elizabeth - 15
Samuel - 10
Silas - 8
Sophia - 6
Edward - 3
John - 1

(not all their children's baptisms are on Ancestry) - Public Members Tree on Ancestry for this family. Contributor: Hazel MANTLE - which lists Silas Williams - 1833, Dowdeswell, parents: John & Hannah WILLIAMS.


Silas WILLIAMS was witness to the wedding of Robert IRELAND to Elizabeth WILLIAMS (father John) at Dowdeswell - 14 October 1851.

And Robert lives in Withington - later census etc.


Edwin WILLIAMS of Newland, father, John WILLIAMS labourer, aged 33 years of age when he married 1 November 1863 in Newland.

With DNA available now - this does solve many brickwalls. My x Grandad Edwin (sometimes called Edward) - went off to Chile in the 1870's and never came home to his Wife and my Grandad and his brother.

Through DNA - my x Cousins in Chile and America have proved we are decended from Edwin.

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