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by Kimberleylear, Sunday, June 28, 2020, 23:30 (356 days ago)

Hi there. I am currently attempting to help a friend who is looking to find a great uncle who was adopted in 1942 as a new born.
We know his birth name was John Nicholas and was born 1942 in Truro to a Ethel Marion Louise Vigus (maiden name).
The two surviving brothers of this gentleman do not speak. The one who is enquiring, lives in Canada and was born 3 years later. He only knows that he was adopted. The elder brother, who is still alive, has nothing to do with the family.
Apparently he saw the gentleman we are trying to locate back in 1984 at a family wedding. None of the family know his name or whether it remains the same.
We know he had something to do with a church in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, but sadly that is all. We have attempted to look at vicars and vergers who served churches in that area in the 1980s. No names came up similar so we can only guess he changed it.

Has anyone ever chased a lead and found an adoptive relative?? Can anyone give some advice???

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