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If you Google

Dora Butler Cinderford


Google Books

The Forest of Dean - Google Books Results

There is long paragraph

Gypies lived in Crump Meadow Wood, Cinderford. BUTLER is a well-known Forest Gypsey name and when Mrs Dora BUTLER died in 1953 her van was burnt at Crump Meadow - the first one to be burnt there for many years. A few yards away was an old frame tent, the home of her husband. they had married and had four sons and two daughters and had separated. And ever since he had paid her 2s 6d. a week, although the the last twelve years her van and his tent had only been a few yards apart. He used to take her a smoke or a bit of sugar. And when she died he decides to burn her caravan - 'And if your father died - would you like to see anyone else wearing his trousers? he said at the time. All Mrs Butler's possession were burnt; her van, furniture, clothes - even her wireless, although Mr Butlere had no wire. etc. etc.

Forest of Dean records

Dora BUTLER buried at Cinderford St John - 23 January 1953 - aged 75 years, residence: Crump Meadow.

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