Hatton's of Ruardean (General)

by GilliH, Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 13:57 (64 days ago)

I have a number of ancestors from Ruardean and was wondering if anyone had any further information on them, including churches where they were baptised, married etc.

Jonathan Hatton - 1832 1900, born in Ruardean. Parents Joseph & Mary. Wife Nehushta Beddow
Joseph Hatton - 1802-1859, born in Ruardean. Parents Joseph & Elizabeth Jones. Wife Mary Corbett
Joseph Hatton Sr. - 1776 - 1851. born in Ruardean. Parents Jonathan & Alice Lewis. Wife Elizabeth Jones
Jonathan Hatton - 1746 - 1788. Parents James Hatton & Sarah. Wife Alice Lewis.
James Hatton 1718- 1810. Parents James & Mary. Wife Sarah. Wed 1741 Glouces.
James Hatton 1690- Parents Richard Hatton & Jane Wife Mary
Richard Hatton

Many thanks for any assistance.

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