Moses Teague (c.1792-1840) and Martha Cowmeadow (née Clayton (General)

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I have come across part two of a History of the Whitecliff Ironworks in the Forest of Dean, 1808-1810 by Ian Standing, which is available online, and contains the following line:

In 1812 Nicholson sold to James Teague a farm and colliery at Backwell, Somerset for £3,000.

Also included in this document is the following text:

James Teague. He was a resident of Coleford, a forester and free miner, and in 1808 probably lived at Whitecliff Farm which he rented from Sam Symonds.* This lay just up the valley from the ironworks and was demolished this century. By 1801 he was the owner of ' large coal works which included his Engine Pit near Mile End, and was a partner in coal works with Bishton and Phillips of Shropshire, "Mr Teague's Railway" and almost certainly at Whitecliff Ironworks. The letters have shown that "Mr Teague's Railway" was completed, and still operating in 1808. (10)

At the office of the Deputy Gaveller in Coleford, there survive a few of the gale application books covering the period 1808-1812. James Teague features in their pages usually in association with Peter, Moses and Isaiah Teague. (ll) It is uncertain whether this Moses is the same Moses Teague who re-started the Cinderford Ironworks in 1825-6. Peter Teague was certainly a brother of James Teague and was a prominent coal owner for many years. He was also an active member of the Coleford Baptist Church. One of James Teague's brothers was working at the Neath Abbey Works in 1808 (12) but is not identified by name

James Teague (1750-1818) was the father of Moses (1792-1840) and Isaiah Teague (1794-1824), so its a possibility Moses was in Backwell for business reasons and ended up fathering a daughter?

The Drybrook parish register for Martha's burial on 2 July 1900 records that she was 88 years old, which would give a birth date of c1812, although the various Census returns imply that she was possibly born around 1814 or 1815.

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