Edwin T Gamage 1843 Hereford , Cinderford, Leamington (General)

by smithersme, Friday, October 16, 2020, 18:50 (45 days ago) @ dering1

Hi there!

Thanks for replying! I was actually contacted by a very distant Gammage relation from 23andMe and it got me chasing rabbits, so to speak. My name is Mary Ellen. I live in Michigan, though grew up in Georgia. My Great Grandfather, Deodatus, moved to Georgia when I was still pretty little but he passed when I was 13. My grandmother, his daughter, Joyce, still lives in the house he bought! I'd love to know more about my family as my grandmother is the last living of the Gammages that I know and she is well in to her 80s. Please email me smithersme@yahoo.com.


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