Duberley and Gibbs families (General)

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I am trying to track down descendants of William Duberley (1840-1904) and his wife Ellen nee Brain (1836-1926) of Ruardean Woodside, his son William Moses (1864-1926), who is my great great Grancher had a number of brothers who are featured in photos on this site, this being Tom (1872-1937) with his 10 sons and wife Ada, and Joseph (1866-1937) who is featured with his sons on the Royal Oak Quoits picture. There were other brothers, including Albert (1875-1928) who hung himself after posting his will to one of his brothers; I understand that my Great Grancher (1894-1963) William Stanley found Albert. Another brother called Frank (1880-1916) was killed somewhere between Nailbridge and Steam Mills in 1916 by a cyclist, my great uncle was named after him.

William Stanley Duberley (1894-1963) better known as Stan is also featured in an article on this site where he rescued his friend Albert on pile of dead bodies. Stan landed at Suvla Bay, Galipoli in August 1915 with the Herefords, along with many other Ruardean men who served in that regiment. Stan played rugby for Cinderford and Gloucester in the 1920s, and represented Gloucestershire (one of only two Foresters that took part in the game) when they played against the New Zealand All Blacks on their ‘Invicibles’ tour in 1924.

Stan Duberley (1894-1963) married Elizabeth Gibbs in 1916, and they lived at Bakers Piece, Ruardean Woodside. Elizabeth’s dad John Gibbs ran the Meend Farm, Ruardean Woodside and the Jovial Colliers pub next to it, their daughter Gladys and husband Sid Meek took over the running of the pub after John. John’s son Jack took over the Meend Farm and the farm was the first in the Forest of Dean to report a case of Foot and Mouth in 1956. I understand that carcasses were thrown down the mine shaft opposite the Jovial Colliers, and because of the odour, lime had to be thrown down the shaft. Jack Gibbs also took over a timber haulage business from his father John, which was located on the site of what is today Harper’s Garage, opposite Ruardean Church. Elizabeth Gibbs’ brother George lived on Walkers Lane, Ruardean, and was a prisoner of war during the First World War. I understand that he kept a diary during his imprisonment, and there are extracts of the diary which are in circulation, if anyone thinks they can help then please get in touch.

Stan Duberley (1894-1963) had a brother called Tom who lived at Brierley, he died c1980, I would love to hear from any descendants of Tom. There was another brother called John (1886-1949) who married Alice Evans, I know next to nothing about John other than his date of birth, and what appears on the marriage register, census returns etc, so if anyone thinks they can help then please get in touch.

Returning to William Moses (1864-1926), I suspect that he was named after his grandfather Moses Brain (1812-1887), and if I have got my research right, Moses Brain was also the father of James Brain (1841-1924), who ran The Bush at Hawsley, and who was also an official at Trafalgar Colliery.

The Duberley and Gibbs families married into many well established Ruardean families, such as Harper, Marfell, Knight and Bennett, so if anybody thinks they can add any information to the above I would really appreciate it if they got in touch, it can be anything such as a story that was passed down through the family etc.

I also have a copy of a schedule of title deeds and writings plus conveyances relating to meadow land situate at Ruardean called ‘Dubberley’s Hill’, the conveyance is between Edward Thompson to James Horlick Esq. of Horlick’s drink fame. If anybody knows where ‘Dubberley’s Hill’ is located then please get in touch.


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