Wintles of Mitcheldean 1800s and before (General)

by julien @, Tuesday, May 08, 2007, 07:46 (4955 days ago) @ squillysmum

Hi Squillysmum

Good to see that someone is still interested in the Wintles!
If you have a look at my post on 9th Jan 06

& the replies you'll see that I had some very interesting information which solved that particular problem. The reply from Linda Ferris (who doesn't appear to be a registered user of the site) made it clear which Joseph was not mine - in fact he's yours! & the reply from Bri linked me up with a long lost third cousin, and susequently with some closer ones. The Wintle clan seems to be very large and I have yet to find a connection with the brewery family of Mitcheldean, though I feel sure there must be one somewhere.
As I've susequently found - and Slowhands was very helpful here - my line of Wintles goes back a long way, centred on Cowley Elms Farm at Rodley.
I hope you will be able to make contact with Linda as you must be related.

What a very good & friendly site this is!


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