Wintles of Mitcheldean 1800s and before (General)

by Barbara Lloyd @, Friday, May 11, 2007, 00:11 (4952 days ago) @ julien

Just as background information I offer the following

I have a document from the Gloucester Record Office showing an
Inland Revenue Document giving the rateable value of the property
St. Whites House Cinderford this was £19.50 per annum. The document was dated
1880. The house belonged to the Hewlett Family one Samuel Hewlett. This was part of his estate left to his Son William Hewlett and his Mother Louisa.

What connection is this to the Wintle family?

The Solicitor handling the matter was James Wintle & Son of Newnham.

Is this scrap of information of any interest to anyone researching the Wintle family

Barbara Lloyd

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