LOVERIDGE - BEARD marriage 1923 (General)

by slowhands, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Sunday, June 03, 2007, 23:11 (4932 days ago) @ Alf Beard

Year 1923
Month Jun
Day 16

Groom Surname BEARD
Groom Forename(s) Arthur
Groom Age at Marriage 30
Groom condition Widower
Groom Rank or Profession Labourer
Groom Residence Laurel Cottage May Hill
Groom Father's Surname Beard
Groom Father's Forename(s) Edwin
Groom Father's Rank or Profession Labourer

Bride Surname LOVERIDGE
Bride Forename(s) Agnes Louisa
Bride Age at Marriage 21
Bride Condition Spinster
Bride Rank or Profession
Bride Residence Laurel Cottage May Hill
Bride Father's Surname Loveridge
Bride Father's Forename(s) Arthur
Bride Father's Rank or Profession Labourer

Licence or Banns Banns
Date of banns
Signature or Mark Both sign
Witness 1 Mark of Arthur Loveridge
Witness 2 Mark of Harriett Bowery
Other witnesses
Officiating Minister W C Macklin Rector
Event type Marriage
Transcriber's Notes
Register Reference P326 IN 1/19
Page No 121
Parish/Chapel Tainton

so Cousins is the answer to your original question ree agnes and Violet !

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