Wintles of Mitcheldean 1800s and before (General)

by julien @, Sunday, November 25, 2007, 04:55 (4757 days ago) @ erwgoed

Hi David
The only information I have on the Rev Robert Wintle & his antecedents comes from a poor photocopy I took of a document I found in the Gloucester Archives. The ref no is D1316/1 if you are able to go & have a look at it. The package contains a handwritten family tree dated 1956 drawn up by Miss UV Wintle, who I believe was a daughter of Douglas James wintle, solicitor of Newnham. The earliest person mentioned on the tree is James W the Gloucester pinmaker 1707 -1763. She implies that one of Mary W & AT Gilbert's sons took his mother's name, hence the "Gilbert Wintles" but this is where my bad copy goes off the page. Also in the package mentioned is an interesting hand written notebook, belonging to DJ Wintle, which appears to be a transcription of Court Leet proceedings going back to the 1600's & mentioning various members of the Wintle family. Hope this helps!


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