Joseph Parry and Elizabeth (Eliza) Augusta Parry (Parish Records)

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I am looking for the Date and Place of Marriage of Joseph and Elizabeth, and also the Date and Place of the Birth of Elizabeth. and her maiden name.
Joseph was Born in 1831 and baptized at Westbury on Severn on 28/3/1834 age 2 years.
His Death was registered Jan/Feb/Mar 1891 at W O S age 59 (see 6A190)
In the 1871 Census Elizabeth was listed as age 23 and the wife of Joseph residing at Berrow, Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire, other household members being Alfred Herbert Parry age 3, and Blanche Amelia Parry age 2.
The Burial of Eliza (NB not Elizabeth) Augusta Parry was on Nov.15th 1888 at Berrow age 40 which obviously puts her date of birth at around 1848.
As we all know it is normal for a marriage to take place in the Bride's domain, however thorough checks in the local Records Office covering Berrow, Redmarley, and Upton upon Severn have produced zero results, as have checks in Ancestry, FreeBDM, and the Gloucester site, any help would be much appreciated.

Joseph Parry and Elizabeth (Eliza) Augusta Parry

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One likely baptism for Elizabeth

Record_ID: 337794
Year: 1848
Month: Mar
Day: 22
Parents_Surname: CROWSE
Child_Forenames: Elizabeth Augusta
Fathers_Forenames: John
Mothers_Forenames: Elizabeth
Residence: Redmarley
Occupation: miller
Officiating_Minister: O V Goodrich curate
Event: Baptism
Register_Reference: P265 IN 1/5
Page_Number: 14
Parish_Chapel: Redmarley

Which would give a possible marriage in the Upton on Severn District in 1866 of a Joseph Parry and a Fanny A Crowse


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On the 1871 census, Elizabeth Augusta PARRY does give her place of birth as Worcestershire, Redmarley, so the baptism given in previous reply is probably correct.

Family Search

Marriage at Saint Mary, Great Malvern, Worcestershire - 3 October 1866

Joseph Parry
Fanny Augusta CROWSE

1861 Census, Redmarley D'Abitot

Mill House

John CROWSE - 49 - Miller & Farmer 15 acres, born Worcester, Eldersfield
Elizabeth M CROWSE - 34 - born Redmarley
Elizabeth A CROWSE - 13 - ditto
John CROWSE - 11 - ditto
Selwyn CROWSE - 9 - ditto
Rose F CROWSE - 6 - ditto
Prudence MAYE - 34 unmarried Visitor, Dressmaker, born Eldersfield
Sareah SEARLE - 23 - Servant of all work, born Eldersfield
Samuel MELLENER - 18 - Worman born Gloster, Babmington
John JOHNES - 16 - Carter, born Newent, Glos
William REDDING - 78 - Uncle - retired Miller, born Worcester, Redmarley

1861 Census, Redmarley

John CROWSE - 31 Miller & Farmer 80 acres, 4 labs, born Bosbery Hereford
Elizabeth 24 - Miller's wife, born Eldersfield
Elizabeth - 3
John - 2
William REDDING - 68 - Uncle, born Redmarley


On Public Members Tree on Ancestry - John CROWSE/Elizabeth SHIPTON

Freebdm: Marriage at Upton on Severn District June Qtr 1846.

Eldersfield Marriages on the net

1 September 1846

John CROWSE of Redmarley son of William CROWSE and Elizabeth SHIPTON age 20 daughter of Thomas


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Thanks again

Joseph Parry and Elizabeth (Eliza) Augusta Parry

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Many thanks, trying to get my head round the change of Christian name

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