Wilce Family (General)

by Rebecca @, Sunday, August 13, 2017, 15:00 (738 days ago)

I am researching the Wilce family tree.

I am looking for anyone born between 1935 - 1950

Please any help?

Wilce Family

by admin ⌂, Forest of Dean, Sunday, August 13, 2017, 15:58 (738 days ago) @ Rebecca

Welcome to the Forum and we hope you are able to progress your family research. However your request as it stands is not likely to bring any reward and it would be very helpful to you and users of this Forum if the Posting Guidelines are followed. In particular could you please be more specific and please note the guidelines concerning the search for living relatives.
Best wishes,

Wilce Family

by Rebecca @, Sunday, August 13, 2017, 16:09 (738 days ago) @ admin

I have no information ...
I am searching for my father, who was somewhat older than my mother (she was born in 1934)
I have no other name for him, abs nothing!

Wilce Family

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Sunday, August 13, 2017, 21:16 (738 days ago) @ Rebecca

You could try searching Free BMD (www.freebmd.org.uk) as a start.

You probably know more than you realise. E.g. Your mother's maiden name, if/when she was married, when/where you were born, if you have siblings when/where they were born etc. etc. What does your birth certificate say? Is your father's occupation shown? It all helps.

You might also make yourself contactable by email as discussion relating to living relatives isn't allowed here but someone might contact you off-line if they know something.

Wilce Family

by Rebecca @, Sunday, August 13, 2017, 23:34 (738 days ago) @ probinson


No occupation on my birth cert, just a line!
Ive heard stories that my older half siblings have told me abt where he was fron, his possible age ... but thats it!

My email is xxxxxxxxxxxx if anyone has any info at all.

Thanks for tips

Email address has been removed in accordance with Posting Guidelines.

Wilce Family

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Monday, August 14, 2017, 06:59 (738 days ago) @ Rebecca

Sorry, I should have been more clear.

It's not recommended you post your email address (admin will probably delete it). If you go to your profile page and click the box that says "E-mail address contactable" then people can email you via the forum without your email address being visible.

Wilce Family

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Monday, August 14, 2017, 07:01 (738 days ago) @ Rebecca

Is there any information on your half sibling's birth certificates?

Wilce Family

by Rebecca @, Monday, August 14, 2017, 09:12 (738 days ago) @ probinson

Not for my father no.
For theirs yes.
I took my mothers married name (even tho she was seperated from him at time of my birth)
The line on my certificate is because my father was not 'with' my mother at time of registration, so she couldnt put his name down & didnt want 'father unknown' because she knew who he was.
She has every intention on telling me but sadly passed away when i was 9 & my siblings dont remember his name (altho they remember him visiting me)

Thank u admin for removing my email address & appologies xx

Wilce Family

by titansiren, Monday, August 14, 2017, 10:00 (738 days ago) @ Rebecca

I have some Wilces in my family history. In doing some research, I came across this site that might be of help to you https://katiandgraham.com/genealogy/index.php.

Hope it helps you track down the information you want.

Wilce Family

by MPGriffiths @, Monday, August 14, 2017, 19:10 (737 days ago) @ Rebecca

Another option!

Looking at 'Who do you think you are'

DNA testing seems a new tool in helping find possible 'cousins' etc.

On Facebook today - there is a girl holding a poster - looking for a long lost adopted sibling and asking for help!

Wilce Family

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Monday, August 14, 2017, 20:39 (737 days ago) @ Rebecca

You could use what you have to search the 1939 register for Wilces living in the area. There didn't seem to be that many when I looked but I don't know what area you think he might have come from or what age, I just guessed.


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