Parents of Elizabeth James about 1798 (General)

by Gill @, Friday, August 18, 2017, 06:34 (404 days ago)

Elizabeth married James Wintle 14 Sept.1823 in Newlands unfortunately parents names were not on the marriage records . I have found two baptisms for an Elizabeth James in Newlands May 20 1799 Jepha and Mary living - Forest and Nov 25 1799 with parents Richard and Sarah living Bream.
In the census she has her place of birth as West Dean and Whitecroft.

Does anyone have any suggestions of ways to move on.

Many thanks Gill

Parents of Elizabeth James about 1798

by MPGriffiths @, Friday, August 18, 2017, 10:52 (404 days ago) @ Gill

List your census information to help other forum members and children's names.

? on the 1861 census, there appears to be a Joseph JAMES aged 22 lodging with them from Llanover, Monmouthshire

On the 1841 census, Glos, Whitecroft, Dean Forest

There appears to be a Son George aged 19 - assume born before Elizabeth JAMES/James WINTLE's marriage in 1823

Marriage at Lydney: 4 February 1843

George WINTLE, Bachelor, of full age : Collier, Whitecroft
Father: James WINTLE, Engineer
Father: James WOODMAN

by banns

witnesses: William & Mary Ann ADAMS

On the 1851 Census, George's aged looks like 29/26 and on the 1861 census he is aged 39 c1822


1841 Census


James - 40
Elizabeth - 40
George - 19
Mary - 19
James - 15
Alfred - 11
Elizabeth - 9
Eliza - 9
John - 5


Check for witnesses: build family group also look for family christian names (Mary Ann, James, Elizabeth, Alfred. Elijah, John William Henry/Wills etc.


Marriage at Newland

27 June 1818

John EDWARDS, of Yeovil

Frances JAMES, Spinster of Newland

marriage by licence: **

witness 1 : John FARMER
witness 2 : Elizabeth JAMES (may be your line?)


The copy licence is also on the records

Frances JAMES aged 21, Spinster of Newland

witness 1: John JAMES of Newland, Gent

Parents of Elizabeth James about 1798

by Gill @, Saturday, August 19, 2017, 00:55 (403 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Hi Thanks very good suggestions. So easy to get stuck in one way of thinking. I will approach from other directions as I am sure the answer is there somewhere. So many Adams around the area plus intermarriages between my families. Yeovil had not come onto my radar but I will pursue the witness to marriages as baptisms have become a brick wall at present.
If and when I sort out information or answers I will post them with more background information.

Many thanks


Parents of Elizabeth James about 1798

by mcowan @, Friday, August 18, 2017, 14:55 (403 days ago) @ Gill

Elizabeth born to Jeptha and Mary has grandparents Richard James born 1727, Shop house, near Sling FOD and Sarah and they are great grandparents to Elizabeth born to Richard and Sarah. I know that is not much help in deciding which one she belongs to though sorry

Parents of Elizabeth James about 1798

by Gill @, Saturday, August 19, 2017, 01:03 (403 days ago) @ mcowan

Thanks any information helps to solve the puzzle plus I has not come across Sling before and see it is very close to where the Wintle, Adam and Price family lived in the 1700/1800's.

Thank you Gill

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