Walterii Merrick(e) (General)

by kandi, Sunday, October 20, 2019, 19:02 (24 days ago)


I'm searching for any information on a Walter(ii) Merrick(e) born 1648 in the Ross area and married to Marthae. Their son Walter Merrick born 1668 in Aymestry married Mary Pye of Newland, daughter of John Pye of Kilpeck.

I can't find parents for Walter(ii) and would appreciate any help or advice.


Kandi K

Walterii Merrick(e)

by Peter Preece @, Monday, October 21, 2019, 12:49 (23 days ago) @ kandi

Hi kandi,
Re the Merricks the following may help. Thomas Merrick was married to Mawde who died 1596,their son James Merrick married Joan Gwatkin in 1618. James was born in 1594, his wife Joan died 1658. James and Joan had a son Walter born 1668??? who married Mary Payne who died 1723.

Walter and Mary had a son Walter b1683-d1732 who in 1704 at King Stanley, Glos. married Mary
Pye who died in 1679. They had a son Aristarchus b1710 d1794.

Joan Gwatkin came from a well to-do family in Fownhope.

Mary Pye came from noble family - her grandfather was Sir John Pye. They married in Glos. because Walter was a Quaker and the Pyes were C of E.

I hope this is of help. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Walterii Merrick(e)

by kandi, Monday, October 21, 2019, 16:48 (23 days ago) @ Peter Preece

Dear Peter,

Brilliant! Thank you so much. I am looking forward to following up on all the information you have provided. I have been stuck on Walterii and Marthae for weeks and it would appear I may have had the wrong set of parents. I'm finding the links to the Quakers of great interest too.


Walter Merrick

by Peter Preece @, Monday, October 21, 2019, 19:31 (23 days ago) @ kandi

Hi Kandi,
The date for the birth of Walter Merrick of 1668 is wrong-his mother dying in 1658!

There is a lot of info re the Quakers, I would suggest you find these 2 books-

1 "Sufferings of early Quakers" by Joseph Besse published in 2008 ISBN 978-1-85072-375-2
West Midlands

2 "The Story of Ross" by Pat Hughes and Heather Hurley published in 1999 by Logaston
Press. ISBN 1 873827 11 3

I hope these may help you. Both books have a lot of info re Merricks.


Walter Merrick

by kandi, Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 14:28 (8 hours, 22 minutes ago) @ Peter Preece

Hello Peter,

Thank you for the book recommendations -I have managed to source both.

I wonder if you know anything about Arnold (Garbett) Meyrick? I am finding him quite tricky to follow...this is what I have:

Arnold Merrick (born 1804) in Kingstone, Herefordshire to Arnold Merrick and Margaret Baugh; Arnold's parents were John Merrick and Susannah (nee Baker); John's parents were Aristarchus of Thruxton and Mary Hallett.

Arnold (who added the Garbett to his name later in life - I understand where this comes from) married Priscilla Mary Duffield from Buckinghamshire. The marriage took place in Oxford in 1848 and I have followed their descendants easily enough.

According to their marriage certificate Arnold was a widower. I thought I had found his first wife as Anne Wilson (married in Manchester Cathedral 1845); Arnold was listed as a widower here too.

However, there is another Arnold Merrick born around 1803/1804 and living in Thruxton. He is shown on a number of other trees as having married three times - Anne Wilson, Matilda Coxhead and Frances. He is also shown on these trees as the son of Arnold and Margaret (nee Baugh).

I'm assuming there are a number of cross-overs occurring - do you have info that would help me?


Walter Merrick

by MPGriffiths @, Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 20:43 (2 hours, 6 minutes ago) @ kandi

Had a look at the marriage at St Mary's Church in the Parish of Manchester - 9 March 1846 - between

Arnold MERRICK aged 42, Widower, occupation: Bookmaker (see there is an Arnold on the 1841 census also a Bookmaker) -
father: Arnold Merrick, occupation: Farmer

to Anne WILSON


Checked with the GRO Index

MERRICK, Anne Sophia - mother's maiden name: WILSON

GRO REFERENCE: 1846 J QUARTER in Saint Luke Middlesex, Volume 02 Page 305


This is on Family Search with links to actual copy baptism

Westerminster, St Marylebone:


5 March

Anne Sophia - daughter of Arnold & Ann MERRICK, residence: Charlotte Street

occupation of Arnold is an Acct CLERK (which assume is the same as being a Book-keeper)

born 31 May 1846


This family is still around on later census returns

Ancestry: Transcribed as MERRIL/Family Seach MERRICK

High Street, Hereford City District 2

Page 11 of 32

Francis 40 (male)
Arnold -35 Bookkeeper
Francis - 35 (female)
William - 10
Francis - 9
Ediwn - 8
Rosanna - 5
Arnold - 2
Frances - 11 Mo (female) ***
Eliza WILLIAMS - 25
Elizabeth COOPER - 15


MERRICK Frances Elizabeth: Mother's Maiden name: WILLIAMS

1840 J Quarter, Hereford and Dore - Volume 26 Page 183

Walter Merrick

by MPGriffiths @, Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 21:20 (1 hours, 30 minutes ago) @ MPGriffiths


Ann MERRICK born 1846 in London

1851 Census, Leominster

Lower March

John MERRICK - aged 55 Ag. Lab, born Herefordshire
Pricilla MERRICK - wife aged 48
Ann MERRICK - Visitor aged 4 - born London

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