Brain's Green in 1931 (General)

by chloejenkins @, Saturday, March 14, 2020, 22:44 (191 days ago)

Hello there,

My Grandfather John Jenkins was born 30th July 1931. His mother was Lilian Jenkins (Age 17 at the time) and father unknown. He was raised by his grandparents who lived in Coalway, always had and did their whole lives.

On his birth certificate it says he was born in "Brains Green" which upon googling i saw was a tiny hamlet on the other side of the forest and last year I actually visited brains green and was even more surprised by just how small it is !!

I'm just hoping that anyone has any information of Brains Green circa 1931, for example was there a women's home or kind of house where women could go to give birth in secret? Maybe a place that would have taken a woman in this situation in, or a house that would have had domestic servants as she possibly could have been working there? i can't find any other connections to Brains green from the family and so can't figure out why he was born here but it feels like it could potentially give some clue to the father..

Any information at all would be massively appreciated ! Thank you in advance,

Brain's Green in 1931

by MPGriffiths @, Monday, March 16, 2020, 14:16 (189 days ago) @ chloejenkins

There is a Public Members Tree on Ancestry

for John James JENKINS


Baptism : 9 October 1931, Broadwell, Gloucestershire

which links to,

Surrey, England, Electoral Register Eastern 1955 (says he's living with his Aunt)

Catherine H.P.NEVE


Catherine (Widow) on the 1939 Register is in Surrey and a Nursing Sister - date of birth: 19 April 1905


Baptism at Coleford

21 May 1905

Catherine Hannah Primrose EVANS - parents: William Phillip (occupation: Baker) & Annie
24 Cornwall Road, Williamstown, Rhondda Valley


Catherine H P NEVE birth year: 1906 - Death Register, Forest of Dean - 1968

Electoral Register

Parish of Cinderford

HILLDEAN, Edge Hills Road

1177 NEVE, Catherine H.P.


The Tree states Catherine had two sons - and this is one of them - 1939 Register

Scowles, Coleford

EVANS Annie E E - date of birth: 29 July 1881
NEVE Philip A.V. - 1 April 1937 - Under School Age.


I can't find John James JENKINS born 1931 on the 1939 Register

As Catherine was a Nurse - may be she was present at the birth.

Not sure where Catherine was in 1931

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