St Anns Cider Works, Chepstow (General)

by LarryBennett, Tuesday, August 04, 2020, 21:05 (86 days ago)

I'm trying to find the location of the St Anns Cider Works in Chepstow, where the manufacturers Kingsford and Rake produced non-alcoholic Cider during the 1890s. I have located various newspaper advertisments for the drink and there used to be some information in the town museum, but sadly I have been unable to ascertain the exact location of the works.

Any help would be gratefully received!

St Anns Cider Works, Chepstow

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Wednesday, August 05, 2020, 19:31 (85 days ago) @ LarryBennett

The (BNA) Chepstow Weekly Advertiser - Saturday 23 August 1902 – contained an announcement of the pending sale of the St, Ann’s Cider, Beer and Mineral Water Stores. This is clearly for the benefit of creditors. It describes it as having a long frontage on St. Ann’s street and adjoining Lower Church Street. It had two drive-in entrances including a covered one from Lower Church Street. There is a quite detailed description of the buildings and facilities on the site. A cottage in St. Ann’s street was to be sold as well.

It was to be sold by Mr A.E. KINGSFORD who I gather was an Auctioneer as well as a former partner in the business. The partnership was dissolved in 1899.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the whole announcement as the BNA site copy-and-paste facility is not co-operating.

Bearing in mind the description of the location I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the site of the Stores.,-2.6699394,3a,75y,252.26h,84.78t/data=!3m6!1e...

The present building shown has a date of 1938 on the gable and FIRE STATION over the Church Street entrance. At the time of Google’s visit it seems to have been a gym. Perhaps 1938 was the date of conversion to a Fire Station and part of the original buildings remain.

St Anns Cider Works, Chepstow

by LarryBennett, Wednesday, August 05, 2020, 22:17 (85 days ago) @ Mike Pinchin


That is brilliant - thank you so much. We actually looked around that area and deduced that there was an orchard immediately behind the fire station which we thought would be in the vicinity of the cider works. I've looked at the BNA page and the details all seem to fit.

Alfred Kingsford was my partner's great-great grandfather and we visited Chepstow to try to find traces of his family. Not only was he an auctioneer/estate agent, he was organist and choirmaster of the parish church, a freemason, non-alcoholic cider maker and an activist in bringing back Chepstow Castle to the ownership of the town. A splendid chap by all accounts.

Thank you again - it really is appreciated.


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