The future of this website /2 (General)

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Wednesday, August 05, 2020, 17:06 (48 days ago)

I wonder if someone from the admin team might like to update everyone with the current situation regarding the future of this website. The last information received from Admin was back in March. Since then, there has been no response to any of the messages posted in the original thread, which, I see, is now locked which does tend to give the impression that the team is no longer interested in hearing anyone's concerns or suggestions.

I know from off-line discussions that I'm not the only one concerned and given that it is now August and the original message from Admin said the site would close at the end of August if a solution couldn't be found, now would, I think, be a good time for an update.

I sincerely hope the lack of communication means something is happening behind the scenes, no news being good news, but it would be good to know for sure.

Thanks in advance for any information the team would like to give.


The future of this website /2

by admin ⌂, Forest of Dean, Wednesday, August 05, 2020, 17:23 (48 days ago) @ probinson

This morning a Zoom meeting took place with an interested party and an update will be posted hopefully later this week.

Like many of our users we are concerned of the future of this site but given the current pandemic and the restrictions this has imposed on us (some of us have been shielding) we have not been able to progress as well as we would have liked.


The future of this website /2

by craigc @, Monday, August 10, 2020, 05:47 (44 days ago) @ admin

If it comes down to the site being forced to shut down, I am more than willing to host the site at no charge for as long as it takes to come up with a more permanent solution to all of the issues that need to be addressed.

I sent you an email about how I could help with those issues at the end of July, but I realize that email from mylittleforum contact forms can often get flagged by SPAM filters, so I figured I'd reply here just to make sure you were aware of it.

If you didn't receive it please feel free to email me. I'd be happy to help in any way that I can.


The future of this website /2

by admin ⌂, Forest of Dean, Monday, August 10, 2020, 13:11 (43 days ago) @ craigc

Thank you for your posting and for your offer of help. Sadly your email did not reach us.
At this moment in time we are in regular contact with an interested party and there is every possibility that this will lead to a successful handover of the site. Until then we will keep the site alive even if this goes beyond the end of the month.

The future of this website /2

by rmw1246, Monday, August 10, 2020, 18:05 (43 days ago) @ probinson

Not sure if I am posting this to the right place but here goes.

Some years ago I wrote the software to power the parish register site. During that process I met Dave Watkins in Perth and we discussed some improvements.

Looking at the site it doesn't seem to have changed much since I wrote the code.

In the past I have sent various messages to various people offering to help but never had a response.

The offer is still open if anyone would like to discuss this with me


The future of this website /2

by admin ⌂, Forest of Dean, Monday, August 10, 2020, 20:01 (43 days ago) @ rmw1246

We are contacting you off list.

The future of this website /2

by mircomm, Monday, September 21, 2020, 05:40 (1 day, 16 hours, 8 min. ago) @ probinson

The future will be good

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