Looking for James Bennett (General)

by Janet Cook @, Monday, February 21, 2005, 00:05 (6127 days ago)

Looking for James Bennett, father to James. James the son was residing in Ruardean in 1870 when he married Elizabeth Tingle Reed. He was born in 1841.

James the father was a Haulier on the marriage certificate. James the son is my great grandfather. Most of the Bennetts belonging to my family seem to come from Ruardean and surrounding District i.e. Ruardean Woodside, Moorwood etc.

Have found one James with a son James, but he is a farmer employing 2 labourers, but I cannot find any other details to make this the James I am looking for.

I lived on the Pludds as a child. My father was Harold George Frank, and my Grandfather was George John Bennett married to Barbara Whitson.

Looking for James Bennett -long shot

by slowhands @, Tuesday, February 22, 2005, 22:48 (6125 days ago) @ Janet Cook

Worth checking this one out a little John rather than James ?

In 1851 East Dean

BENNETT John 33 Haulier Ruardean
Mary 31 Coppice East Dean
James 18 East Dean
Susan 8 East Dean
Ann 6 East Dean
John 3 East Dean
Thomas 1m East Dean

In 1841 Moorwood
Mary 20
James 1

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Looking for James Bennett -long shot

by slowhands, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Wednesday, February 01, 2006, 07:03 (5782 days ago) @ slowhands

1851 Moorwood Coppice < Md >

John Bennett abt 1818 Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England Head East Dean Gloucestershire Haulier
Mary Bennett abt 1820 Md Coppice East Dean Wife East Dean Gloucestershire
Ann Bennett abt 1845 Md Coppice East Dean Daughter East Dean Gloucestershire
James Bennett abt 1839 Md Coppice East Dean Son East Dean Gloucestershire
John Bennett abt 1848 Md Coppice East Dean Son East Dean Gloucestershire
Susan Bennett abt 1843 Md Coppice East Dean Daughter East Dean Gloucestershire
Thomas Bennett abt 1851 Md Coppice East Dean Son East Dean Gloucestershire

and then in Ruardean

George Watkins abt 1773 Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England Head Ruardean Gloucestershire
George Watkins abt 1812 Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England Son Ruardean Gloucestershire
Ann Watkins abt 1823 Ireland Son's Wife Ruardean Gloucestershire
Elizabeth M Watkins abt 1850 Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England Son's Daur Ruardean Gloucestershire
Ann Bennett abt 1839 Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England Granddaughter Ruardean Gloucestershire
James Bennett abt 1841 Ruardean, Gloucestershire, England Grandson Ruardean Gloucestershire

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