Bigland Transcripts - Ruardean & Deerhurst (Documents Articles)

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Supplied and transcribed by Graham Davison

Deerhurst Bigland Transcripts.pdf
Ruardean Bigland Transcripts.pdf

Ralph Bigland started his work about 1750, and worked for some 30 years transcribing the gravestones of many Gloucestershire church yards, and then produced papers describing each place in detail which were compiled into two volumes titled Historical, Monumental and Genealogical Collections Relative to the County of Gloucester.

Bigland Transcripts - Ruardean & Deerhurst

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I've just skimmed through these and though none of them appear to be related to me I think it needs to be said that this work is much appreciated as many grave stones' inscriptions wear off and this keeps an important record of them for future generations.

Bigland Transcripts - Dymock

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