Jane Agnus Bevan/Beavan (Inquests)

by jhomman, Saturday, February 08, 2014, 18:14 (2419 days ago)

I descend from Jane. I know some hard facts, but cannot locate anything to tie her to parents or beyond.

Born 20 Sept 1840 (supposedly Bristol or Gloucester)
Married 17 Nov 1864 in Winchester

I have been searching for decades on this lady. I am struck by how little information I can find.

If anyone can help me, I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks.

Jane Agnus Bevan/Beavan

by MPGriffiths @, Saturday, February 08, 2014, 19:02 (2419 days ago) @ jhomman

Any information helps i.e.


Marriage : Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr 1864 Winchester District

Jane Agnes BEAVEN + (Emanuel Zerubbable BUTCHER - who was born in Winchester and on earlier census returns)

Volume: 2c

Page: 193

(this certificate if purchased, would hopefully give the name of Jane's father and occupation)

Although, there is on the 'net'…..

James BEAVEN died date unknown - he married Jane STOKES on 1830 in St Mary Le Strand
Notes for James BEAVAN
* James name from Marriage Certificate of Jane Agnes

Jane Agnus BEAVAN born 20 September 1840, Bristol

etc etc


Tree on Public Members Tree

Jane Agnus BEAVEN - 1840-1861 - married Emanuel Zerubbabel BUTCHER


Clara Socratina - 1865-1944
Xiennia Louisa - 1868-1869
Edward Emanule - 1872-1929
Xenophina - 1872
Edith Agnus - 1874-1894
Charles Clarence - 1877- 1967

+ half siblings…… etc etc

United States Census 1880


Emanuel Z - 37 - born England
Jane A - 38 - born England
Clara S - 14 - born England *
Wm H M Butcher - 13 - born England *
Xenophina - 8 - born United States, Kansas
Edith Agnes - 5 - born United States, Kansas
Charles C - 2 - born United States


obviously emigrated after A/M/J Qtr 1867


Name: William Henry M Z BUTCHER

Date of Registration: Apr/May/Jun 1867

Reg District: Winchester

Inferred County: Hampshire

Volume: 2c

Page: 112

Jane Agnus Bevan/Beavan

by Paul Andrews @, Shropshire, England, Saturday, February 08, 2014, 20:38 (2419 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

"Born 20 Sept 1840 (supposedly Bristol or Gloucester)
Married 17 Nov 1864 in Winchester"

Checking Gloucestershire BMD Indexes between 1838 and 1845 there is not a record of the birth of Jane Agnus Bevan/Beavan anywhere in Gloucestershire. There is a birth of Jane Bevan in Gloucester in 1840, mother's former name-Deane, Office-Gloucester, St John the Baptist, Register-2, Entry-189.

Perhaps the key to solving this puzzle is, as MPGriffiths suggests, in obtaining the marriage certificate to show Jane's father, especially if Jane's marriage to Emanuel Butcher was not her first.

Jane Agnus Bevan/Beavan

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Sunday, February 09, 2014, 19:58 (2418 days ago) @ jhomman

If you don't have it already this is a link claiming a connexion with the Hunting family (and even royalty) for Jane's mother:-


Some of the trees on Ancestry actually reflect this claim but, to be honest, I can't see any of the sources as definitive.

As a follow-up to the posts above LDS has a record of,

Jane Agnes Bevan
Baptised 09/04/1837
Brixton, St Matthew, London
Father, James
Mother, Jane

There are two marriages (also LDS) which could be relevant:-

St Mary le Strand, Westminster
James Beavan and Jane Stoakes

St Bride, Fleet Street
James Bevan and Jane Caslin

All this might mean it's outside the scope of this site.

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