Henry Edwin STEPHENS and wife Emma MORGAN Cinderford (General)

by allisonejarvis, Monday, April 12, 2010, 19:45 (3983 days ago) @ hayste

I have just spent a few days in Cinderford researching my family history and have found out alot of information about Eliza and William Morgan of whom we are related. Eliza and William had 11 children william b 1839 Hannah 1840( died soon after by the looks of things) James b 1842 Hubert b.1846 died 1872, Amos b 1847 d.1922 Thomas 1852 and moved to New zealand .Leonard b 1854 d,1946 ( he was married twice), Eliza b1855 m Hubert Jones 1872 Mary b.1857 d.1894 m William Glastonbury, Emma 1859m Henry Edwin Stephens Alfred b.1863 .

It seems that when Father William died mother Eliza and her children Mary, Emma and Alfred as well as her grandson William ( son of william) moved up to Ince. I can only presume this was for the coal mines and the fact that lots of stone masons where needed to build houses. Some of the other family ie James also went to Wigan for short times and then returned. Mary and her husband and family returned to Cinderford but it seems Emma and Alfred married and stayed.I am related to The Eldest son of William and Eliza. William was born in 1839. He had 5 children, Adelaid b1864, William b1866, Sarah b 1867, Edward 1870 ( My great Grandfather) and Tom b 1872. William died young and his wife remarried and it looks as though all the children then scattered. Sarah went into service and William with grandmother to Ince. Edward followed up to Wigan later. Edward was a miner and went on to have 7 children one of which was my grandfather. We have seen the graves of Father William, Eliza and other family members in Cinderford Baptist church. I am interested in your link as I only have children of Emma recorded.

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