Meredith family tree (Parish Records)

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Hi Helen thanks for your reply and kind words.
Re teasing your husband and the rugby etc, my family's always considered ourselves English even though my dad was a W.EVAN JONES ! with clear Welsh Lydbrook roots on his father's side, thankfully I've managed to keep that aspect of my past quiet... ;-) except while living for 3 years at Treforest Poly that is, still have many good friends there.
It may be a "consolation" to your family that they are far from alone, I don't know the statistics but I believe a significant percentage of the understandably proud people of South Wales actually have some English roots, from the likes of Somerset, Dean, Cornwall where mining & metal-working preceded the relatively-recent South Wales valleys industry we all know of; I like to think we're all proud industrial Britons.
As a 70s kid I watched the rugby at my neighbours who were all sports-nuts, their dad was staunch valleys Welsh (Evans), mum staunch Cornish English, so their vocal rivalry was great fun even tho "we" invariably got hammered by the great Welsh side of which Llanelli Scarlets were key; Gravell, Gareth Jenkins, Phil Bennett, Derek Quinnell etc, wow !.

Any more queries etc, please ask. atb Jeff.


Another possible source for you is the excellent & recommended Old Welsh Newspapers website.
This site can be used free-of-charge and patient & carefull searching may well give good results, particularly if your ancestors were unfortunate to suffer accidental deaths or other "newsworthy" incidents.

Perhaps not one of your Merediths but this result came from searching "Meredith + Tin works + Llanelli", here's part of a lengthy obituary to novelist George Meredith from the Cardiff Times of 22 May 1909

"Mr Meredith paid several visits to Wales, and one of the most notable of these was about two decades ago, at which time his son, Mr William Maxse Meredith, was living at Llanelly as a partner of Mr J. C. Howell, electrical engineer...... During this sojourn in South Wales Mr Meredith, with his son, and Mr J. C. Howell, visited the South Wales Steel and Tin Plate Works, at Llanelly, then owned by Messrs E. Morewood and Co.,and subsequently described his impressions in vivid language."

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