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Hi. Sorry for late response; I was on holiday when I saw your post. To respond about the above:

The brother of Ann Loveridge was Giles Loveridge, Yeoman of Oxenhall and Newent; he married Mary Wood 23/02/1698 in Oxenhall and died 1728 in Oxenhall.

The father of Ann L was Giles L Junior, Yeoman of Newent, born 1637 Pauntley, died 1712 Newent.

The grandfather of Ann L was Giles Loveridge Senior, Yeoman of Pauntley and Newent, Churchwarden Pauntley and Overseer of Poor in Pauntley. Born 1614 Pauntley, married Elizabeth and died 1889 Newent.

The gt-grandfather of Ann L was William Loveridge, Husbandsman, born 1580 Dymock and married Anne Wall 25/10/1607 in Pauntley.

All these people are close relations to my direct ancestors. Note that at this time the Loveridges owned several properties in the parishes of Dymock, Pauntley, Newent and Oxenhall; hence it is not surprising that Ann married in Oxenhall, particularly as her brother was living there.

I would be more than interested to see other information that you might have about the Loveridges.

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